Thursday, 11 February 2021

Recent going's on

I've not been sat mindlessly slaving away at the hack and system all this time, I've had some new books turn up and a mountain of pdf's to go over as well as joining another rpg campaign and have been asked to keep an eye on chat ne'er do wells for a third group, I know neither would mind a little extra exposure.

Fantastic Dimensions on YouTube runs Mothership on a Saturday night, it's a D100, Sci-fi horror rpg in space. I joined the group in session 10 and I believe this week is session 14, when I joined we were looking for information on some hostages which led to a series of unfortunate railgun related incidents and we may or may not have destroyed a space station that was cloning pirates. That was probably a good thing as the quality of the clones was dropping off rather quickly, the last clone breached our ship (the Zero Credibility) with it's acidic blood, destroyed a recently constructed repair bot called Mr. Gutsy and incapacitated the ships synthetic operator Android 13. We are not in good shape and we owe a lot of money to people we wish we didn't...
They are also running Masks of Nyarlathotep on a Friday and will be featuring Mork Borg on the channel from Valentines day, feels fitting doesn't it.

LoFiSiFi on Twitch streams Dead Man's Yarn on a Sunday night, a 5E tale of four quirky adventurers and their arrival in and exploration of the Thousand Isles, a continent shattered by a titan. The old gods stir from their slumber as canons roar above the waves. I won't say anything else so you'll have to go watch it. If you'd like to subscribe on Twitch SiFi is currently creating and naming objects and npc's after subscribers.

My usual 5E group's campaign has started to warm up, we've made it through a beginning adventure in Waterdeep and are beginning to wade into my character's story. I'm playing a high elf fighter / wizard who has recently been contacted by an unnamed organisation who worked with his now deceased father, only they tell him that the old man's not actually dead. Turns out his soul is in hell...Nice one GM, I've been itching to have a look at the Descent into Avernus book since it came out and have avoided temptation so far, now I know it's on the horizon somewhere.

Towards the end of last year I was given a copy of Frostbitten & Mutilated and The Cursed Chateau, which both look fantastic. I received a Kickstarter from Sheildice Studios from their Realm Fables campaign, containing a world generator and some preformed settings that I will be putting to good use (more on this later). I also got my hands on a copy of the Fragged Kingdom setting for Fragged Empire and I've just last week received a copy of Mork Borg that I'm hoping to run a game of in the near future when my 5E GM takes a week off.
I' hoping to get my hands on a copy of Troika and Acid Death Fantasy shortly as well as Electric Bastionland. If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Right of passage

I have been gone a while longer than I anticipated, I thought I'd take a few days to collect my thoughts and pitch something new here. I was wrong.
Here is something new for you, not the new from back then but new all the same.

The hack started giving me a headache, beyond is a nifty tool until you want to break the rules. Adding new spells is easy, getting all the players on board with a hand out of all the changes that they will need to reference, not quite as easy.
For now I have abandoned the idea of a hack that involves beyond at all, I did investigate creating something similar because tech is interesting and if you can do it for one system why not a variety?

This all went nowhere as my enthusiasm waned, until a couple of weeks ago when I began work on surprise surprise, my own system.
Light, modular, flexible and dangerous. Those are my aims, if it ticks those boxes for me when I'm done then it's a success regardless of other opinions or how well it does in the wild should I work up the courage to release a pdf.
The core of the system is (hopefully) light and sensible without being realistic. It has no setting, no classes and no magic, these will come later on as separate ventures to be bolted onto the main rules if they are wanted. 
It uses items as class and allows a player to change their role based on the gear they are using, if you want to retire from the front lines then hang up your sword and board, grab yourself a crossbow and have at it.
Initiative is decided by what you want to do in a round with different activities rolling different dice.

Magic will bring with it spell levels etc, currently the spell levels are the same as the pc level, if your level 2 then you can cast up to second level spells, simple. The spells will not be designed with flexing in mind  but optional rules for increasing spell potency will be included.

The first setting is a post post-apocalypse world where magic is shunned and forgotten, where it is actually just old forgotten tech doing "magical" things like being able to contact others over a long distance. Shame no one knows how to use it...

Classes, everyone's favourites, variations of them, some new ones and an ambitious attempt at tables for converting classes for setting.

I'm dabbling with an idea for a fourth book where the gear choices go a step further than "your a tank because you've got a sword and shield" by giving a number of abilities based on the size or type of gear. I go back and forth on this one, it sounds interesting but might take choices away from players, I need to mull it over a bit more.

I am still working on the setting but I will start putting up posts about it along with some drawings, I have recently started drawing maps in an isometric style so keep you eyes peeled for those.


Thursday, 30 July 2020

This is not a hack, merely a beginning

So a little background for you. When everything went pear shaped in March some friends and I started playing 5E online twice a week. Monday was campaign night and had a fixed GM and Friday was one shot night. Different characters and rotating GM's.

Friday 3rd April rolls round and it's my turn to GM one shot night, a month or so previously I'd tried to run Tower of the stargazer for two of the players. They died horribly.
I'd asked for some help with injecting weird fantasy and horror into my game nights and someone told me to try Tales of the Scarecrow. What a fabulous little thing it is.
It went down a treat, no deaths but scares and weird aplenty, mission accomplished. Now it was ok for me to start bending play towards more OSR / LotFP material.

Flash forward to today and one shot night is dead, campaign night is now Friday and has the same GM. We use Discord for comms and for putting up maps etc, we've dabbled with photoshop for manipulating layers or moving pc's around on said maps and we use D&D Beyond for character sheets etc. I'll admit it is mighty handy, spells, attacks, conditions and now it rolls dice too...However it is still 5th edition D&D and not weird at all.

The task I have set myself is to add some weird in and to take over the GM spot once the current campaign has run it's course. The first job was to create a campaign, easy. Next I have been going through some LotFP pdf's, mainly Eldritch Cock and Vagina's are Magic, to add the contents into the campaigns list of spells. It's not quick, there are conversions to do and you have to decide who can cast them one spell at a time. So far I have added in all of Vagina's are Magic and nothing from EC, purely a time thing they will all go in.
What other easy things can I do to get the feel I want? I started looking at D&D hacks for ideas and after discussing them with the current GM I settled on the following alterations
- Change the death saving throw from a 10+ to a 15+
- Remove the option for using Feats
- Remove gold as currency
- Change the primary means of experience gain to loot and tone down the experience gained from defeating enemies 
- No multiclassing
- Change the Medicine check from a 10+ to a 15+

These should be a good start methinks but not enough, these are D&D characters and are built more like heroes than adventurers. So new custom setting that should tick at least some of the boxes for the players, more on that in another post.


Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Why? and What?

I want to start this blog with my why and my what, to give you a sense of what to expect. This might seem a bit formal for some random rpg blog but I'm an odd duck.

I have trouble collating my thoughts, I have notes scattered all over the house in notepads or scraps of paper from work. This will act as a melting pot for all of my musings, and hopefully a sounding board.

The topics I want to go over are selfish, they are things I want to talk about and are things I need to think about, getting things out of my head helps me to act on them. I can't guarantee that they'll be long posts, or frequent or in any kind of order but they'll be here at some point.
I will be writing about a select few rpg's that take my fancy - 5E, anything OSR, Lamentations of the Flame Princess specifically, Blades in the Dark, Ten Candles and Legend of the Five Rings. 

My topics so far if your interested are - 
Taking things literally
Going too far
Doing things that are funnier for me
Doing things by the book
Obeying the dice
Campaign / adventure creation
Hacking 5E and more specifically d&d beyond for osr
Sources of information / inspiration
Interesting twists
Reliance on premade modules
Sandbox vs not sandbox
How much is too much & restraint
Content for your players

I felt encouraged to start this by someone on facebook who told me that there was an audience for my ramblings and I figured that somewhere someone out there is probably having the same thoughts I was, the same doubts and wonderings. I hope that someone finds something useful in this.