This is not a hack, merely a beginning

So a little background for you. When everything went pear shaped in March some friends and I started playing 5E online twice a week. Monday was campaign night and had a fixed GM and Friday was one shot night. Different characters and rotating GM's. Friday 3rd April rolls round and it's my turn to GM one shot night, a month or so previously I'd tried to run Tower of the stargazer for two of the players. They died horribly. I'd asked for some help with injecting weird fantasy and horror into my game nights and someone told me to try Tales of the Scarecrow. What a fabulous little thing it is. It went down a treat, no deaths but scares and weird aplenty, mission accomplished. Now it was ok for me to start bending play towards more OSR / LotFP material. Flash forward to today and one shot night is dead, campaign night is now Friday and has the same GM. We use Discord for comms and for putting up maps etc, we've dabbled with photoshop for manipulating layers or moving pc&

Why? and What?

I want to start this blog with my why and my what, to give you a sense of what to expect. This might seem a bit formal for some random rpg blog but I'm an odd duck. I have trouble collating my thoughts, I have notes scattered all over the house in notepads or scraps of paper from work. This will act as a melting pot for all of my musings, and hopefully a sounding board. The topics I want to go over are selfish, they are things I want to talk about and are things I need to think about, getting things out of my head helps me to act on them. I can't guarantee that they'll be long posts, or frequent or in any kind of order but they'll be here at some point. I will be writing about a select few rpg's that take my fancy - 5E, anything OSR, Lamentations of the Flame Princess specifically, Blades in the Dark, Ten Candles and Legend of the Five Rings.  My topics so far if your interested are -  Taking things literally Going too far Doing things that are funnier for me Doing