Thursday, 11 February 2021

Recent going's on

I've not been sat mindlessly slaving away at the hack and system all this time, I've had some new books turn up and a mountain of pdf's to go over as well as joining another rpg campaign and have been asked to keep an eye on chat ne'er do wells for a third group, I know neither would mind a little extra exposure.

Fantastic Dimensions on YouTube runs Mothership on a Saturday night, it's a D100, Sci-fi horror rpg in space. I joined the group in session 10 and I believe this week is session 14, when I joined we were looking for information on some hostages which led to a series of unfortunate railgun related incidents and we may or may not have destroyed a space station that was cloning pirates. That was probably a good thing as the quality of the clones was dropping off rather quickly, the last clone breached our ship (the Zero Credibility) with it's acidic blood, destroyed a recently constructed repair bot called Mr. Gutsy and incapacitated the ships synthetic operator Android 13. We are not in good shape and we owe a lot of money to people we wish we didn't...
They are also running Masks of Nyarlathotep on a Friday and will be featuring Mork Borg on the channel from Valentines day, feels fitting doesn't it.

LoFiSiFi on Twitch streams Dead Man's Yarn on a Sunday night, a 5E tale of four quirky adventurers and their arrival in and exploration of the Thousand Isles, a continent shattered by a titan. The old gods stir from their slumber as canons roar above the waves. I won't say anything else so you'll have to go watch it. If you'd like to subscribe on Twitch SiFi is currently creating and naming objects and npc's after subscribers.

My usual 5E group's campaign has started to warm up, we've made it through a beginning adventure in Waterdeep and are beginning to wade into my character's story. I'm playing a high elf fighter / wizard who has recently been contacted by an unnamed organisation who worked with his now deceased father, only they tell him that the old man's not actually dead. Turns out his soul is in hell...Nice one GM, I've been itching to have a look at the Descent into Avernus book since it came out and have avoided temptation so far, now I know it's on the horizon somewhere.

Towards the end of last year I was given a copy of Frostbitten & Mutilated and The Cursed Chateau, which both look fantastic. I received a Kickstarter from Sheildice Studios from their Realm Fables campaign, containing a world generator and some preformed settings that I will be putting to good use (more on this later). I also got my hands on a copy of the Fragged Kingdom setting for Fragged Empire and I've just last week received a copy of Mork Borg that I'm hoping to run a game of in the near future when my 5E GM takes a week off.
I' hoping to get my hands on a copy of Troika and Acid Death Fantasy shortly as well as Electric Bastionland. If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.


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